Long term pair bonding with one or more partners is typical within primate species, Homo sapiens are no different. The biological changes that happen when we connect with another person can affect every aspect of our being. Understanding how connection changes our biology gives us the foundational view of our health and relationships.


Welcome Couples,

Modern relationships are complex, confusing, amazing, frustrating, emotional, joyful, and stressful, just like the primates in them. Long term pair bonding with a partner or partners works best if it's built on a strong foundation. As social primates, sapiens are biologically tied together in ways that we tend to overlook in modern society. Our bodies evolved together through environmental pressures including nutrition, movement, stress, and connection. Bonded mates who understand this biological foundation and work with it to make healthy changes, not only improve how they look, feel, and perform, they also find deeper connection and intimacy with their partner(s).

Regardless of who you are, who you are attracted to, or how you structure your relationships, it can be difficult to make healthy changes without including your partners. Working together to understand your biology during this course will not only give you a common base of knowledge to make future health decisions from but also a format to share fears, excitements, struggles, and celebrations.

Let's evolve together.

 Areas Covered



Nutrition is the foundation of health. With a proper diet we are able to produce and balance all of the hormones that are responsible for controlling our bodies. With proper hormonal balance our bodies function more efficiently and burn fat for fuel, helping us maintain a more ideal body weight.



Our bodies evolved moving in very specific ways, and it wasn’t in a gym. If your hormones are balanced then it takes far less time and effort to be in great shape. No need to spend hours in the gym or doing cardio, and it may even be fun.


Stress Reduction:

Stress comes in many forms, some is beneficial, some not so much. By being aware of the lifestyle choices we make that trigger our bodies stress response allows us to consciously decide the stress we want and don’t want. We then can reduce the stressors that are harming us and therefore the negative side effects.



We evolved as social primates and the depth and types of connections we form can greatly influence all aspects of our lives. We will look at the science of emotions and how to work with our inner selves to improve our connections.

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