Nutrition is the foundation of health. With a proper diet we are able to produce and balance all of the hormones that are responsible for controlling our bodies. With proper hormonal balance our bodies function more efficiently and burn fat for fuel, helping us maintain a more ideal body weight.


Our bodies evolved moving in very specific ways, and it wasn’t in a gym. If your hormones are balanced it will take far less time and effort to be in great shape. No need to spend hours in the gym or doing cardio, and it may even be fun.


Stress Reduction:

Stress comes in many forms, some is beneficial, some not so much. By being aware of the lifestyle choices we make that trigger our bodies stress response allows us to consciously decide the stress we want and don’t want. We then can reduce the stressors that are harming us and therefore the negative side effects.



We evolved as social primates and the depth and types of connections we form can greatly influence all aspects of our lives. We will look at the science of emotions and how to work with our inner selves to improve our connections.

Individual Coaching
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